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Hole in the Earth

Hole in the Earth

When I first heard about Sunset Cliffs, the first thing that came to mind was “this place has got to be cool with a name like that”. When you get there, make sure you’re in the dirt parking lot. I made the mistake of parking on the road, and thinking that you could just take the stairs down to the beach. The stairs there were quite funny I thought, they lead down a cliffside, and end with a concrete platform, about 10ft x 10ft, above the ocean. That’s it. It’s for surfers who are wanting a quick way to get down to the water, but unless you’re swimming, you can’t get to the beach. Find the sign that I showed above, and you’re on the right track. Head down a hundred feet or so, and you’ll see the rope. A last 10 ft rope assisted decent, and you’ll be at Sunset Cliffs beach. The rock formations at the end are extremely interesting, and as you can see, something special.

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